Conversation with Git

Ramesh Babu
3 min readFeb 15, 2021


I am so inspired with the book “Storytelling with Data by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic” . Title itself attracted me to read this book. I am a person gathering info / knowledge and try to map it with mind map. I can keep a node hanging in air for a little while, but cannot , cannot keep it there for long , either I need to associate with some parent node or open totally new topic and fit it in big picture in my journey .

There are some thing in my life I know it is going tough down the road but still get attracted. First one is Unix Terminal , looking at the black terminal with command prompt with $ sign , nothing to click , not knowing anything to type , blows my brain. Same way, coming from CVS (Concurrent Versions System) , when git was lunched in 2008, I was staring a blank terminal with known command git --version that is it. In GUI, when you start an app , it tells some story , click File , Edit …etc and we build story on top of it. But it is not with git, I need to ask a specific question, and find fews commands and build a story. If it is not coherent, tomorrow I am back to square one. If you do not ask right question, you will never know that awesome feature exists in git.

here is sneak-peak how my journey has been captured and revisited often..yes very often.

Ok, that said, let me introduce me ..and me .. When I started my Data Science Journey with General Assembly (GA). Here are the conversations I had, Me .. with Me ..

  1. Got GAs , git enterprise url and I created an account . Me .. Telling Me (mtm).

watch-out it is different than the github account , but has same look and feel

2. Do I need to install git in my local

for M1 arch -x86_64 brew install git for AMD brew install git

3. Painful keep typing userid and password , can I have SSH authentication with git enterprise .

follow github ssh keys to create SSH keys . Please follow Adding ssh keys to git

4. What is this fork , origin/master , upstream/master

Some time we make git fetch upstream master , this will bring in all changes from Owner Remote Repo , but it will staged , not merged into our local .Below command are handy to see what is coming in , or is there any conflicts.

a. To view changes coming into our local git diff --name-only upstream/master

b. Is there going to be any conflicts git diff --name-only --diff-filter=U

5. oops there are conflicts, what should I do now. git stash will save you in times

1. git stash save "Conflicts on feb-15 pull"

2. git pull upstream master

3. git stash branch feb-15 stash@{0}

There are tons of features in git , asking right question and associate my findings with the story line really helps to enjoy this journey and encourages me to revisit the story .. again and again ..